Bistamp hacked – lost almost 19.000 Bitcoins

Bitstamp, one of the biggest bitcoin online exchange, was hacked on January 5th.

Co-founder and chief executive Nejc Kodric said in a tweet that the bulk of Bitstamp’s bitcoin reserves are in cold storage, and are “completely safe.”

Setting Up a Duplicate in San Francisco
The new article where Bitstamp announces that service will be resumed in the next 24 hours is in Slovenian, but Reddit user natri provided a translation of the important information:
Slovenian bitcoin exchange Bitstamp remains closed – hackers supposedly stole around 19000 bitcoins from its servers (4,3 million eur). “Bistamp remains liquid, but I can’t tell more because of the investigation” said co-founder Damijan Merlak and added they closed the exchange because otherwise “important trails could be erased”. “With experts we are currently setting up a duplicate of entire infrastructure in San Francisco, which is bound to finish in the next 24 hours. At that time we will continue our services.” explained Merlak for STA. At the exchange they claim to have “more than enough reserves” to cover lost bitcoins. Hackers supposedly stole only “small part” of all bitcoins – because of cases as this one, exhanges keep majority of their bitcoins in offline computers.

We hope for best!


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